ISCSI configure with openfiler... access oleh xp and linux

Hai.... n let's go....

- - first - -

Install Openfiler... (you can download : here )
akses openfiler via web base

login with user and pass that you was set on instalation

-- step 2 --

Create Group Volume

Select partition would be use. In case i use /dev/hda

Now create the pratition

Partition succes, then back to menu Volume Group and create group with the partisi that we have

-- step 3 --

Create Volume by click the Add Volume menu

then go to ISCSI Target menu and add new ISCSI target

go to LUN mapping Menu and map the partition

this step ISCSI is ready to use...

--step 4 --

Access the ISCSI
To access the ISCSI, we need ISCSI initiator.
- XP you can find :
Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator Version 2.08
- Ubuntu you can find :
open-iscsi ( you can install with pakage management )
- Other Linux, can use ISCSI Initiator.

* Windows
- Download & install iSCSI Initiator, then run from program menu

Add target :

go to Targets Menu, click refresh button and then log on to iSCSI terget

now go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

you can format it and use it..... :D

- Install open-iscsi via package manager.. on in text mode :
# sudo apt-get install open-iscsi
- Default setting is place in /etc/iscsi/iscsi.conf
- Discoveri iSCSI target with command
# iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p # ip openfiler
- log on to iSCSI :
# /etc/init.d/open-iscsi restart
- To see run fdisk -l

have nice day..:D
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