anoTHer Windows Fixing

Wonten ing sak wijining dino :

Ever seen this screen before ?

yes, this could happen if your computer have same trouble that called blue screen of death :D

restart may can help, but if it doesn't make effect you must do another way.

In Jogja, we can re install windows. and it so easy couse there is ******* , *******, ****, bla.. blaa .. that we can rent .... :D

in another case if you want some tricky, you can try this at home ...


use live cd that you have, linux or vista liveCD is good

then find file in

> C:\WINDOWS\repair

then get file
1. system
2. software
3. security
4. default

and copy to

> C:\WINDOWS\system32\config

at last restart your computer.

sugestion: make backup of your config file before you replace with new one.

you can diagnostig registry problem with registry tool in vista live CD then copy whice file is


see ya ...

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