Jul 8, 2010

ssh tunnel on linux mechine

-- pertama --

base on tunneling on my previous post ( if you wanna see it)

-- next --
in my case, how to tunnel ssh connection is a must. ans this is the story..

-- basically --
all you need to know is the right formula. n the formula is

ssh -L localport:host:hostport user@ssh_server 

-- on check n jajal --

ssh -L 1122: user@brekele.inc 

the explanation is we make local port 1121. it redirect our connection to on port 22 ( how simple it is)

--other option --
you can put -L more than one. maybe you wanna make tunnel to vnc port or another else

ssh -L 1122: -L 1123: user@brekele.inc

source : www.linuxhorizon.ro


  1. hmm... using that method, could we prevent ssh downgrade attack from an mitm?

  2. Actually SSH Port Forwarding & SSH Tunneling is a way to continue the connection to a port that is not normally encrypted via tunneling. This method is commonly used for many service ports that are not encrypted, for example: databases, http, svn, and other services on a system / computer.
    and to secure from attack, that's not enough with just one way. So keep watch


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