Mar 3, 2016

RHCSA Pass... the exam.....................

Setelah perjuangan tiap malem jungkir balik mlumah mengkurep selama sepekan( lebay mode on), akhirnya lulus juga......

mayan buat menuh menuhin cv  dan mumpung gratis gitu...

next step ....................... ???????

#dan akhirnya setelah 3 tahun gak posting, ada juga bahan postingan... :D

Oct 16, 2013

AIX Health Check - with nmon

-- opening --
Lama gak ngeblog susah juga nyari kalimat enaknya. the point is how to collect data from aix. And tool used for this is "nmon".

basicly we need nmon of course, AIX, and anything that make you comfort :P

ok lets started, make script with this following command
# ^_^
/usr/bin/nmon -s 300 -c 288 -fdTPAN -m /nmon_data
find /nmon_data -mtime +90 -type f -exec rm -f {} \;
and save it ( ex : )
first preparation done, now make it work. Make directory /nmon_data, give it  "x" permission, done ?
the last add to crontab. ex every night
00 00 * * * sh  /mnt/ > /dev/null 2>&1 
done step one.

-- report--
 download nmon analyzer from here and follow the intruction how to read it :P

-- check $ jajal --

monggo di coba sendiri - sendiri :D

* do with your own risk

Apr 6, 2013

swap on android

tinimbang ngenthong ra nggenah.... just trying improve performa on weak android :D
and do all this "tuto" with your own risk

-- needed--
- kernel support for swap ( if you don't have try to complie your kernel or find enother kernel that support it)
- rooted android
- and make it easy using adb command on your PC

most people make swap partition on their sdcard, and most people say's it slow and can reduce "sd card" life.
 on mine, i use free space on  /data partition ( have 1GB )  and create swap image in it and hope faster than on sdcard.

--creating swap image--
create swap image using dd command ( you can run this command on android or you can run faster on linux PC)
ok swap image created and formated as swap, push image to android phone ( /data/ ).

--turn on swap--
ok, swap allready on /data/swp.img. now turn it on with this command.
busybox swapon /data/swp.img

at this point swap is on ^_^

next let android automatic turn swap ON after reboot. in this case we need add script on init.d
this my simple script placed on /system/etc/init.d/91swapon

# ^_^ 
#Init.d runing swap 

busybox swapon /data/swp.img

Set permission to init file with :
chmod 777 /system/etc/init.d/91swapon 

test this script with reboot your device.

have fun.... :D

Feb 17, 2013

make it simple "Bash Script for Reverse Tethering android on linux mint "

-- alibi--
just make it  simple as possible
base on this post

-- prepare--
* make sure your device connected to PC
* make sure adb command running properly
* and make usb tethering active on android

download script from here

you can disable data connection on your android first,or script will delete default gateway on android
extract and run it

akses internet via your android

if data connection on android active, network service will auto reconect to provider internet and it will replace default gateway with provider gateway.
throught provider gateway mean reverse tethering fail