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Convert To All Format (avi, flv, 3gp, mpeg)

hi... all, i am back to write some thing in my mind.... :D about convert avi, flv or 3gp to another format.

Before the day, i just wrote about streaming video, and now this can be support to streaming.

As i know, the basic to streaming is what you want to stream, and to stream videos maybee you want to convert any video format to same format. for exempla if you want stream a video that can be access via Mobile, you need video in 3gp format or maybee you want to make it became a FLV format. It is up to you.....

like usualy i will use a software that can be apply in multi platform. Yes.... i will use ffmpeg to convert video format. This software can you find in here for detail see this page here

Now lets begin.

- After download finish you can install or extrak. the poin is we can use this tool :D
- B T W in this sample i use in windows version, but for other version is similiar... :D
- Open "console" or "command promt"(then go to directory where ffmpeg is placed) in windows like this

or you can ask uncle google .. :D and this is a view sample command that you can use:
> ffmpeg -i original_file -y destination
that is the basic command.

another command...
- Convert avi to 3gp

ffmpeg -i inputfile.avi -s qcif -vcodec h263 -acodec aac -ac 1 -ar 8000 -r 25 -ab 32 -y outputfile.3gp
ffmpeg -i input.avi -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec amr_nb -ar 8000 -ac 1 -ab 32 -s qcif -r 10 -y test.3gp

- Convert flv to 3gp
ffmpeg -i exemple.flv -s qcif -vcodec h263 -acodec mp3 -ac 1 -ar 8000 -r 25 -ab 32 -y output-file.3gp

- Take some pictures from video
ffmpeg -i exemple.flv -deinterlace -an -ss 00:00:03 -t 00:00:01 -r 1 -y -vcodec mjpeg -f mjpeg demo.jpg

- Convert avi to Flv
ffmpeg -i exemple.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 yourvideo.flv

hope this can help......



  1. tambahan om, buat yang masih terjebak di jendela ada aplikasi gratis berbasis gui yang bisa make interface bahasa indonesia lho (aq translatornya ^^V) ni ink di blogku :
    disitu da donlot linknya.

    Hope useful.


    Quantro a.k.a Royyan

  2. Thanks.
    I often convert AVI to FLV flash videos in order to sharing videos on blog.


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